Grape Juice

See below for a delicious recipe from our core member Tonice. It’s a fun idea to use your CSA grapes in case you find yourself with too many of them!

Homemade Grape Juice

Wash grapes and remove from stems. Place in a 4 qt. pot and cover grapes with water. (You might want to burst the grapes on the sides of the pot before you heat them because if you don't the grapes tend to float to the top and spill over the top if you use a pot that's not big enough.)

Heat to a low boil and cook slowly for 20 minutes.  

Remove from heat and let the grape juice cool down. Then pour grapes and liquid through a strainer into a big bowl. Smash the grapes against the strainer with a slotted spoon to collect the juice remaining in the grapes.

Reheat just the juice and add ¼ cup sugar for about 3 lbs. of grapes. Cool and refrigerate.

This makes a delicious grape juice. I like it straight or with seltzer.