sourdough bread
from phoenix bakehouse

Dutch Kills CSA offers delicious sourdough bread from Phoenix Bakehouse. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

“Phoenix Bakehouse is an Astoria-based, artisan microbakery specializing in naturally leavened sourdough bread, made with just flour, water, and salt—no commercial yeast. Why sourdough? Slow-fermented, naturally leavened bread has been shown to be more nutritious, more easily digestible, safer for people with gluten sensitivity, and have a lower glycemic index than breads made with commercial yeast. All our breads are made entirely by hand and take 48 hours to produce from start to finish, utilizing the age-old tradition of long fermentation to create loaves with superior flavor and keeping quality.”

Phoenix Bakehouse bread can be ordered directly from their website by signing up for their mailing list.