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To secure your share, we require payment in full within two weeks of registering online, or by May 10 (whichever is sooner). You will receive an email confirming that your share has been secured when your payment is received. Please make checks payable to "Dutch Kills CSA" and be sure to include: - All your share items (veggies, fruit, eggs, poultry, etc.) - Your $20 Admin Fee Mail your checks to: Dutch Kills CSA xxx xxx Please be sure there is a sufficient balance in your account for at least a month in case there is a delay in depositing your check. You are responsible for any bounced-check fees incurred.
I commit to membership in the Dutch Kills CSA for the 2019 season. I will pick up my share on Tuesdays between 4:30pm. and 7:30 p.m. at ARROW Community Center starting June 11th. CSA members join with their farmers in both the risks of farming (crop failure, poor weather, etc.) and its benefits (bountiful harvests). By checking the box below, I: -understand that this partnership requires flexibility, as human error is inherent in such a partnership. -understand that shares involving produce will vary from week to week, and that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or content of my share. - understand that my share will vary in weight, size, and type of produce each week. As a member, I commit to supporting the farm through timely payments, to supporting the CSA by membership fees and subsidies for low-income members, and I also commit to supporting the CSA by completing 6 hours of volunteer time over the 2018 summer season through three, 2-hour shifts at the distribution site. (If no one in your household is able to participate at distribution, please contact us through the form of this website) By participating in this CSA, I am bringing healthy, locally grown food to the neighborhood, supporting alternative agriculture, building community, and making the world a better place. Sign me up!