We’ve been offering shares of Keith Stewart’s organic Italian heirloom Rocambole garlic for at least seven years, which is longer than Dutch Kills CSA has even existed. Compared to common garlic varieties, this hardneck heirloom from Calabria is more potent and spicy. Chefs love its rich complex taste and its hard but thin skin that makes this garlic so easy to peel.

For the true garlic devotees among us, it will be fun to compare Keith’s Rocambole from Calabria to Ken and Maryellen’s Spanish Roja, which is also in the Rocambole family. Zagat gives Keith’s garlic a whopping 28 points out of a potential 30, and calls it one of the greatest things at the Union Square Greenmarket. Keith’s Farm is located in Greenville, New York.
A single share consists of 17 jumbo heads of garlic, distributed in 3 pick-ups over the season. You can purchase multiple shares. See below for distribution dates.

1st pickup on 7/30: You will get 3 heads when it’s first harvested. This super-fresh garlic is juicy and fabulous to cook with but does not store well. If you don’t use garlic often, you should store this garlic in your fridge.
2nd pickup on 9/10: You will get 4 heads of garlic. This garlic has been aged for 2 months by Keith, and if you store it in a cool, dry place it should keep for months.
3rd pickup on 11/5: You will get the last 10 heads of garlic at the final distribution of the season on November 5. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.