Lewis Waite
meats, cheeses, and more

Lewis Waite is both a 250-acre farm that raises grass-fed beef and pork and a CSA extras platform that allows Downstate New Yorkers (like us) to order products from family farms Upstate. The Lewis Waite CSA extras program is a single platform that allows you to purchase a wide variety of farm-fresh, all natural, artisanal, and organic products from more than 35 small farms scattered across the fertile hills between Saratoga Springs and western Vermont. These farms produce everything from homemade organic bread and raw-milk cheeses to local honeys, jams, eggs (both chicken and duck), poultry, emu, buffalo, lamb, heirloom beans and grains, sustainably sourced fish and meats, and more. Visit the Lewis Waite CSA extras program website and browse through all the products to see what riches you can get from local farms. You’ll be amazed and you will also help to keep local farms in business.

To place an order, register at csalewiswaitefarm.com and let them know you are a member of Dutch Kills CSA. Lewis Waite will give you a password that will allow you to use its online ordering system. You can order what you want: you choose the specific products you want for each delivery. Your order will be specially packaged and labeled for you. You will get an email confirmation after you place your order. You do not pay when you order. Lewis Waite will send you an invoice, and then you can pay with PayPal or bring a check when you pick up your order at the Dutch Kills distribution site. 
Your order and payment agreement is directly with the Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras Program; our CSA serves only as a convenient pickup location. Lewis Waite delivers every four weeks during the winter, and every two weeks during the summer and fall. Here are the upcoming dates: June 4, 18; July 2, 16, 30; August 13, 27; September 10, 24; October 8, 22; November 5.

If you have any questions about the Lewis Waite extras program, please contact them directly.