“sweet tooth” Share
from free bird farm

This share includes honey from Kutik’s Honey Farm and maple syrup from Buck’s Maple Barn. Kutik’s has been making honey for more than 40 years, and their mission has always been to “honor the bee.” Master beekeepers from Kutik’s keep some of their hives at Free Bird Farm, where their bees help pollinate flower-producing crops, such as squash, beans, and berries. Kutik’s heats their honey just enough to pump and strain it but not to the high temperatures used to produce most commercial honey. The result is honey with a full-bodied taste and the same healthful benefits of raw honey.

Chase Buck, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, started making maple syrup when he was in college. He and his wife, Danielle, produce their all natural maple products in Jefferson, New York. Our veggie farmers, Ken and Maryellen, believe it’s important to support longtime farmers like the Kutiks and young farmers like the Bucks, and to make it easy for you to keep your cupboards stocked with delicious local products.

2019 “Sweet Tooth” Share

  • June 18: 8 oz. jar maple cream, 12 oz. clover honey in BPA-free
    “bear” squeeze container, and 12 oz. glass flask of maple syrup

  • Aug 6: 1 pint maple syrup, 16 oz. jar wildflower honey

  • Sept. 10: 12 oz. jar creamed honey, 1 pint maple syrup

  • Oct. 29: 16 oz. jar clover honey, 1 pint maple syrup