Photo courtesy of Free Bird Farm

Photo courtesy of Free Bird Farm

What’s new in 2019? 


Free Bird Farm in Palatine Bridge, NY

  1. The biggest change is that we are partnering with a new farm, Free Bird Farm. Head over to the veggies page to learn more about Free Bird and sign up for the season! We loved working with Golden Earthworm Farm for all these years, but unfortunately they told us we would have to downsize between 20 and 30% this season. Suddenly we had a difficult choice to make. We could continue with Golden Earthworm and cut our membership, or we could look for a new farm so we could keep our current members and perhaps grow.

    After a deliberative process during which the core team shared research on several Long Island farms and a few Upstate farms—comparing price and share size and speaking with the farmers—we voted unanimously to partner with Free Bird Farm in the Mohawk Valley. Our goal was to offer you a share that’s similarly priced to what you paid last year and offers comparable or greater value in its size and variety of vegetables. We believe we succeeded, and we hope you agree. Free Bird, as its name implies, also raises free-range chickens and offers chicken and egg shares, along with other products. We are really excited to embark on this new season with them.

    We held a “Meet the Farmer” event on April 13 so our members could meet the farmers who grow the beautiful veggies we will be getting from Free Bird Farm. Farmer Alan Brown from Lewis Waite also attended.

  2. We have a new website! We now handle fruit and extras orders and payments directly from this website. (Vegetable shares are ordered directly from the Free Bird Farm website. Head over to the veggies page for the registration link.) We hope our new website makes it easier for you to order and for us to communicate with you. We are thrilled to debut a spanking new blog on our website, which features oodles of recipes, news, and tips. Do you have a recipe you want to share? Just send us an email or use the contact form on this website. You should also check out our Facebook page, where the core team posts announcements and members post recipes, pictures, and questions.

  3. Finally, we are becoming more “social”! We set up an Instagram account where we will feature all the beautiful produce that we get each week. We are also on Twitter. Links for both appear at the bottom of the page.