about our extras

Dutch Kills CSA is the Queen of Extras! To help you keep it all straight, here’s a quick explanation. 


Many of our extras are sourced directly by our Extras team. Here’s a list of the extras that we source and that you pay for on the Dutch Kills CSA website:

  1. Fruit from Hepworth Farm

  2. Garlic and Scapes from Keith Stewart

  3. Tortillas and Nachos from Tortilleria Nixtamal

  4. Sweet Corn

  5. Plum Tomatoes

  6. Cranberries

  7. Pecans

  8. Oysters


We also offer extras through Free Bird Farm. Eggs and chickens come from Free Bird chickens; butter, honey, maple syrup, and ground beef come from neighboring farms. Here’s a list of what you can order on the Free Bird Farm website:

  1. Eggs

  2. Butter

  3. Chickens (sold out)

  4. Ground Beef

  5. Honey and Maple Syrup  

sourdough bread from PHOENIX BAKEHOUSE

We offer bread from Astoria-based Phoenix Bakehouse. This is not a weekly share; you have to place a new order every week through the Phoenix Bakehouse weekly mailing list.


Dutch Kills CSA also partners with the Lewis Waite Farm CSA Program, which offers hundreds of products from more than 35 small farms. These extras must be ordered and paid for through Lewis Waite.