oysters from widow’s hole

Dutch Kills CSA partners with Mike Osinski, an oysterman on the North Fork of Long Island, to offer you Widow’s Hole oysters. Please note, these are unshucked oysters: you must shuck them yourself. Registration will open in November for a one-time pre-holiday order.

All East Coast oysters are the same species, Crassostrea virginica. It’s the salinity and the conditions of the water where they’re grown that determines the taste of the oyster. Mike raises his delicious oysters in the pristine waters of the Peconic Bay, near Greenport, Long Island. The bay is deep and narrow at Greenport, which means that all of the nutrients in the bay constantly funnel over Mike’s beds. His oysters are suspended in Australian oyster baskets close enough to the surface to allow the gentle tumbling of the waves to produce a thicker-shelled and fatter-cupped oyster. 

Widow’s Hole oysters have a distinctively crisp, fresh, briny taste. Mike harvests his oysters in the morning and delivers them to us the same day. You can’t get fresher oysters unless you harvest them yourself!
Widow’s Hole oysters are so fresh that they will keep for a week in the frig.